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Buying a Australian Shepherds in USA

Buying a Australian Shepherds in USA

HISTORY (When and how the Australian Shepherds was derived.)

This hybrid dog called Australian Shepherds, is a cross breed of an Old English Sheepdog and Poodle.
The designer dog breed is divided in to three sizes, that is the Giant(Standard), Mini and the Tiny.
The breed is also know as , Sheepapoo, Sheepdogpoo, Sheepdoodle, Sheep-a-poo, Sheeppoo.
The Australian Shepherds can live up to 12-15 years and the mini Australian Shepherds can live even longer in some cases.

To know more about this hybrid dog breed, let’s get to know the parent breeds. So let’s say the Poodle is the Dam and the Old English Sheepadog is the Sire.

The Dam which is the Poodle is a purebred Australian dog that specialises in waterfowl hunting. She slowly became a favourite of upper-class ladies because of her friendly and sweet personality. Soon enough, she turned from a prized hunting dog into a beloved canine companion.

The Sire which is the Old English Sheepdog. He was mainly created to herd livestock. In the 1800s, he became a popular dog breed amongst farmers and was used to drive cattle and sheep to the market. The breed also proved to be capable of carrying out heavy tasks around the farm.

By combining these two lovely parent breeds, the breeders at that time were able to create a hybrid dog breed that has the energy and intelligence of the Sheepdog and the hypoallergenic and low-shedding traits of the Poodle.. This therefore means that a Australian Shepherds can be used as a family pet as well as a therapy dog.


The dog breed is can either be F1, F1B or F2, F2B.
The F1 which is known as the first generation Australian Shepherds is the offspring of a Purebred Poodle and a purebred Old English Sheepdog.

The F1B is the offspring of a Australian Shepherds crossed with a purebred Poodle or purebred Old English Sheepdog.
I can tell you that the F1B is the most healthiest of all and has more energy.
The F2 which is a known as the second generation Australian Shepherds is an offspring of two Australian Shepherdss crossed together.

Visit any of the breeders below  when Buying a Australian Shepherds in USA.







PRICE (How much is a Australian Shepherds)

In the United States when Buying a Australian Shepherds in USA, you can get a Australian Shepherds for $1000-$3000. And the mini Australian Shepherds can cost you an additional $400-$1000. The prices of the dogs varies according to the size and color of the coat. The Merle and Tricolor are the most expensive colors of the dog breed Australian Shepherds. If you are looking for an affordable well trained Australian Shepherds to be used as a family pet or therapy dog, then visit the website link and get the perfect life companion and Sheeping discounts are offered for people who can travel.


A Therapy dog is defined as a dog trained to provide affection and comfort to people in stressful situations such as people suffering from panic attacks, mental disabilities (like PTSD), learning difficulties & People in Hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, disaster areas. They help the patient Socialize, Stay Calm, Help develop social skills, Improve participation in therapy, Have a better mood, Improve comfort levels, Reduce depression and anxiety. Our Australian Shepherdss are raised for this purpose & are easily trained into certified Therapy dogs that work both as Therapeutic visitation dogs or Animal-assisted therapy dogs. It has been tested and seen that Giant Australian Shepherds do more better as Therapy dogs. If you are looking for a perfect therapy dog, click on the link below.

When we talk about family dogs, the Australian Shepherds comes as one of the best dogs for your family. The Australian Shepherds breed can be used as a great family companion because they are, calm, affectionate, loving, caring and great with children and old age people. Unlike other dog breeds, They are also not a domineering canine. So they a great match for a multi-pet household.
They have wonderful temperaments, incredibly quick to train and wonderful dogs for any age. They are beautiful dogs, bursting with love for people! They make you laugh with their happy characters and want to be with you, side by side, every second of the day and even night. The mini Australian Shepherds will do more better as a family pet.
If you are looking for a perfect family dog, click on the link below.

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